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Lexus Compatible LED Door Lamp Set V3

Lexus Compatible LED Door Lamp Set V3

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Completely redesigned housing with an aluminum heatsink and circuitry. These are next-level.

The main difference with these versus the V1 and V2 is the quality and internal components utilized. These are able to produce a clearer, whiter image compared to V1 and not 3D compared to the V2.

Pure white LEDs were used in the V3 to create a pure white (with little-to-none blue hue) in the projection.

Dual socket compatibility for modern and old vehicle plugs.

Swiveled projectors to wind down the perfect image.

You’ll absolutely be blown away.

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Fine Print:

  • 1 Quantity = 2 pieces
  • Lexus Marks are registered trademark of Toyota and are not affiliated with lexusacc.
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